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Experience and professionalism

With over 50 years of experience as a specialized law firm in Maritime and Transportation Law, providing high-quality legal services for such a long time, Goñi & Co. Abogados has gained great recognition and prestige both nationally and internationally.

In addition to Goñi & Co.’s specialization in Maritime and Transportation Law, the firm has solid expertise in the field of insurance and international trade, as well as in national and international litigation and the practice of arbitration and mediation. We have been involved in the management and handling of highly complex and relevant cases that have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients.

Services of Maritime Lawyers

Legal Services

We combine our practice in Maritime Law with other sectors directly connected to maritime navigation, including all means of transportation and other related and ancillary services.

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Others Legal Services

We also provide the client with a team of expert lawyers who will defend their interests in:

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Maritime Law

As specialists in Maritime Law, we offer a wide range of services and advice to all stakeholders operating in the maritime and port sector, including private companies as well as public entities, corporations, and organizations.

Our Values

At Goñi & Co. Abogados, we have extensive experience, a high degree of specialization, and a great capacity for international expansion.


We have over 60 years of experience in the field of Maritime Law, where we were pioneers in Spain, being the first law firm dedicated to this branch of law since its inception.


All of our lawyers have a strong background in Maritime Law, which we continuously enhance through our active participation in courses and training programs, specialized seminars, and conferences focused on Maritime and Transportation Law. Our professionals frequently serve as speakers and attendees, ensuring that our knowledge is up-to-date and in line with the latest developments in the field.

International expansion

The international nature of Maritime Law makes Goñi & Co. Abogados a law firm with an international vocation and projection. We have an extensive network of contacts with professionals in the maritime and transportation sector worldwide, enabling us to provide reliable and specialized advice to our clients in any country.

Boutique Maritime Law Firm

We provide personalized service that focuses on understanding the needs and expectations of our clients in order to offer tailored solutions to their demands. This allows us to establish a smooth and direct communication between the client and the lawyer handling their matters, fostering a relationship of trust and providing a prompt and efficient response at all times.

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