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We have been pioneers in the implementation and judicial processing in Spain of typical maritime procedures, such as the preventive arrest of vessels, the enforcement of maritime mortgages, the unloading and judicial deposit of goods, and maritime salvage and general average proceedings, among others.

We have the ability to act directly and with the necessary urgency before any court or tribunal in any part of Spain and before any jurisdiction, including the Supreme Court, the National Court, and the Constitutional Court.

We also have an external network of professionals to cover the legal services required in foreign jurisdictions (Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America, etc.) and in other areas of specialization (civil, criminal, asset-related), always with the mediation, guarantee, and quality control of our law firm.

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We have tackled a wide variety of legal matters, including complex and high-profile cases, in which we have put forth all our knowledge and professional efforts to achieve the most effective solution.


The sinking of the oil tanker off the coast of Galicia in November 2002 caused pollution in a significant portion of the Cantabrian and Atlantic coastlines, leading to complex legal and administrative proceedings and international litigation involving numerous parties.


The underwater exploration and excavation work carried out by the American company Odyssey Marine Exploration on the wreck of the Spanish frigate Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, sunk in 1804 off the coast of Algarve, led to various criminal and administrative proceedings and a prominent international civil process. These events served as an example for improving the protection of Spain's underwater cultural heritage and coordinating the actions of the different involved administrations.

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The airplane accident carrying Spanish military personnel from Afghanistan resulted in a civil process for damages claims due to the passengers' fatalities, during which the application of different international regulations in air transportation was debated.


Aegean Sea

The proceedings following the grounding of this oil tanker, which occurred in December 1992 off the coast of A Coruña, addressed significant issues of Maritime Law such as the liability of pilots or the International Conventions on limitation of liability in cases of marine pollution.

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Sentences achieved by our law firm


Land transport at controlled temperature: Failure to comply with instructions regarding the temperature of the cargo during transportation constitutes a breach of the carrier’s fundamental duty to inspect the goods to determine the conditions under which they should be transported, thereby forfeiting the carrier’s right to limit its liability.


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International air transportation under the Warsaw Convention: Carrier’s willful misconduct is evidenced by failure to follow instructions regarding the handling of the goods, as expressed both in the air waybill and in the external packaging of the goods.


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Transporte marítimo internacional bajo conocimiento de embarque: la cláusula de sumisión a los tribunales de Marsella inserta en el reverso del conocimiento deInternational maritime transport under a bill of lading: the submission clause to the courts of Marseille, inserted on the back of the bill of lading, is valid, as it is in accordance with widely known and generally observed practices of international trade by the parties involved in this type of contract.


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The judgment partially grants the appeal filed against Royal Decree 1466/1997 on the Legal Regime of Regular Coastal Shipping Lines and Public Interest Navigations, annulling the requirement of administrative authorization for all island cabotage traffic.


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